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Rules of Procedure



As provided in Decree-Law 13/2020 of May 18 in its article 25, the Fuengirola Beach apartments have this “Internal Regime Regulation” that establishes the policy, norms and rules that must be complied with by users during their stay. , which from now on we will call clients, as well as people who attend events held within its facilities.

The Regulations will apply to all spaces and areas of the establishment, whether for exclusive or common use, without any distinction.

The Regulation is available to clients at the reception, and can be consulted at any time, as well as on the website.

Ignorance of this regulation does not exempt from its compliance and will remain in force uninterruptedly until it is modified or replaced by another.

The rules and prohibitions developed in this Regulation are mandatory and are not understood as exclusive of other similar conduct not stated in it.

Infractions may be corrected immediately and, where appropriate, sanctioned in accordance with current labor, civil or criminal regulations, regardless of other responsibilities that offenders may incur.

If customers need additional information, they can contact reception, with its staff, together with the management, being responsible or relationship centers with the establishment's internal measures, information and advice. This Regulation is governed by Spanish law and is based on current regulations and legislation.

Although this Regulation is translated into English, only the Spanish text is legally binding and prevails over any difference in interpretation or otherwise.

I. Admission conditions and requirements.

Article 1. Admission conditions.

This hotel establishment is for public use and access to its facilities, accommodation units, common areas and services is free and for exclusive use by hosted clients, with no restrictions other than those derived from the legal provisions and the rules of this regulation.

The access and permanence of people may be denied in the following cases:

• Lack of accommodation capacity or facilities.
• Non-users of the apartments, that is, all those people who do not appear as staying clients and/or who, if they are, have not complied with the legal obligation to complete and sign the “entry report” for travelers with all the data required in accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 4/2015 of March 30, on the protection of Citizen Security, and in Order Int/321/2021, of March 31 of the Ministry of the Interior, on books -registration and entry report of travelers in hospitality and other similar establishments.
• Refusal to pay for services and/or benefits when payment is required.
• For the deterioration, damage or theft, total or partial, of the facilities, objects, goods, services and/or supplies of the hotel, or of any other client.
• Adoption of violent or aggressive behavior, carrying weapons or objects likely to be used as such, consumption and/or possession of drugs, wearing or carrying symbols that incite violence, racism and/or xenophobia, as well as the execution or incentive of discriminatory acts and situations of danger or discomfort to other clients.
• Lack of respect for staff and/or other customers.
• Failure to comply with admission requirements.

When the circumstances and assumptions mentioned above occur, the responsible personnel may request the abandonment of the facilities, after payment, if applicable, of any outstanding accounts.

The establishment may seek assistance from the authorities' agents to evict from its premises customers who fail to comply with this regulation and also, where appropriate, people who are not registered as users and intend to access or remain there.

Likewise, it is expressly stated that free access to the facilities and services of this hotel establishment will not be denied or restricted for reasons of sex, disability (with or without a guide dog), religion, sexual orientation, opinion or any other personal or social circumstance. .

Article 2. Admission requirements.

The admission requirements are established:

• Coming of age.
The establishment will not accommodate minors who come alone.
• Completion and signing of the traveler's report, for which an official identification document must be presented by everyone over 14 years of age.

II. Check-in and stay registration.

Article 3. Entry registration.

At the reception, the necessary procedures will be formalized for the registration and admission of all people who wish to use the accommodation units, the common facilities and, where appropriate, the complementary services offered by the establishment and detailed in these regulations.

o Passenger entry part.

All people over 14 years of age must present a valid identification document for the purpose of registration in the traveler entry report. The identifying data provided will be communicated to the competent authorities in compliance with Ministerial Order INT/321/2021 of March 31.

Fuengirola Beach Apartamentos Turísticos offers the possibility of providing this information prior to arrival through the Online Check-In, however, it is not responsible for any false or incomplete information that the client may provide.

o Admission document (Welcome).

Once the person is registered, this establishment will generate an admission document that will include the name, the number of the assigned accommodation unit, date of arrival, departure and price.

They may voluntarily provide email data for the sole purpose of customer management and/or commercial prospecting for which express acceptance will be requested.

This document, in turn, will inform you of the existence of this regulation and will show the most notable rules of the services provided by Fuengirola Beach and contained therein.

These documents must be signed (manually or digitally) personally and inexcusably to formalize registration and admission, thereby confirming that the data provided is true and that you accept the terms and conditions expressed in the document and these regulations. .

The documents will be delivered to the client in paper format or sent via email and will serve to prove the client's status when requested by the establishment's staff, who is authorized to do so at any time.

The personal data collected will be processed and kept by Fuengirola Beach, complying at all times with current data protection regulations.

Accommodation is non-transferable, so accommodation will be denied to clients who do not meet these registration requirements. Likewise, any person not registered in the registry will be prohibited from entering and staying in the establishment.

Article 4. Billing and payment.

The billing of accommodation rates will be calculated by days and by the number of overnight stays. The minimum billing for accommodation will be the amount of one overnight stay, this being understood as ending at 12:00 noon the day after arrival.

Accepted payment methods are cash and/or Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit or debit cards. Cash payment may not exceed the amount of €1,000.00 in accordance with current regulations.

The client has the obligation to pay the amount of the contracted accommodation services upon presentation of the invoice, which will be upon arrival, and the payment of complementary services at the time of presentation of the corresponding ticket or invoice.

Invoices will only be provided for accommodation and services contracted directly with the establishment.

The client's early departure before the end of the contracted stay will not exempt him from paying all of the reserved days.

Article 5. Payment and deposit guarantee.

Fuengirola Beach may ask the client upon arrival, or at the time of making their reservation, for a credit card number. This request can be extended even to customers with a voucher, to guarantee the payment of extra services, as well as respond to damages and defects that may occur in the facilities, furniture and elements of the establishment due to negligence or misuse. If a card is not provided, a security deposit of €300 will be required.

Fuengirola Beach reserves the right in the event of any damage, deterioration or theft caused to the apartment or any other facility, as well as non-payment of services, to use the deposit or charge the credit card for the corresponding compensation.

Article 6. Period of occupancy and number of people per accommodation unit.

The apartments must be used based on the number of nights reserved.

Occupancy of the accommodation unit begins at 2:00 p.m. on the first day of the contracted period and ends at 12:00 p.m. on the day designated as the departure date.

In periods of maximum occupancy, making the apartment available to the client may be delayed three hours. In any case, you will be able to access the common facilities from the moment you arrive at the establishment.

Prolonging the occupancy of the apartment for a period longer than the contracted period will generate the obligation to pay the amount of one more day. The client may remain accommodated for more days than those specified in the admission document, provided there is prior agreement due to availability. It is the establishment's decision whether or not to apply refunds to early departures or reductions in hours.

As a general rule, people will not be allowed to stay in an apartment that exceeds the contracted space in quantity; otherwise, the rate set for the actual number of people using the apartment will be charged.

For security reasons, occupancy of more than two people is not allowed in double rooms, four people in one-bedroom apartments and suites and six people in two-bedroom apartments.

Guests staying with babies from 0 to 2 years old may request, subject to availability, a crib at no additional cost.

III. Operation of the services provided.

Article 7. Safe service.

In each apartment there is a safe installed, available to clients upon rental at the reception. Fuengirola Beach is not responsible for any type of robbery, theft or loss of objects or sums of money not deposited, under receipt, in said safe.

Article 8. Pool towel service.

The establishment offers its clients the rental service of towels for use in the pool area. The cost of this service is for the entire stay, with the possibility of changing them daily at no additional cost.

The use of towels and other clothing from the apartments is prohibited for outdoor use.

Article 9. Laundry service.

In the basement of the building there is a self-service laundry for customer use. This service is provided by a company outside Fuengirola Beach and the conditions, prices and schedules can be consulted at the reception.

Fuengirola Beach is not responsible for garments that, due to their conditions of use or composition, shrink, discolor or deteriorate. Nor those garments that are forgotten and/or disappear due to non-custody by their owners.

Article 10. Gym service.

The establishment has this facility for free use by its clients. For safety reasons, its use is only allowed to those over 16 years of age provided with a towel, clothing and sports shoes.

Article 11. Bar service.

Fuengirola Beach Apartamentos Turísticos has two restaurant points with exclusive access and use for its clients. The hours of use and enjoyment may vary depending on the seasonality throughout the year, reserving the right not to admit clients outside of said hours, when the maximum authorized capacity is exceeded or when the admission requirements are not met.

Payment for drinks will be made upon presentation of the ticket, and directly, through cash or credit cards, Visa debit or MasterCard.

Hotel staff may refuse to serve alcoholic beverages to clients who do not consume responsibly.

Article 12. Pool service.

Its use and enjoyment is free and exclusive for staying guests. The opening and closing hours are indicated at the entrance and may be varied throughout the year depending on seasonality. The conditions of use are set out and detailed below.

The use of swimming pools is prohibited after the estimated closing time in order to begin the process of cleaning and chlorinating the water. Not responding to any injury or damage that may occur to people or their belongings due to neglecting said schedule.

The use of inflatable elements that are not related to survival, the use of devices or music players at a volume that disturbs the rest of other clients, playing with balls or similar in any area other than the multi-sports court, jumping are prohibited. to the pool in an inverted position or use the pools without showering first, always wearing a swimsuit and without using diapers.

The consumption of drinks and food, not purchased in the establishment, outside the apartments, carrying refrigerators or glass elements and consuming food in the pools and gardens is prohibited, except in the areas under control of the bars for hygiene reasons.

The pools have a lifeguard service throughout their opening hours.

Minors must be accompanied by an adult at all times, and it is their responsibility to ensure that they do not use the pools when the lifeguard is not present.

Article 13. Meeting room.

The rental of this space is available to any natural or legal person, carrying out all the necessary procedures for its contract with the person responsible for the reception and/or management department.

The transfer of the space does not exempt from carrying out exclusively activities compatible with the law, illegal, noisy, annoying, unhealthy, dangerous and/or harmful activities being prohibited. The activity to be carried out must be previously communicated and failure to comply or lack of solvency will result in expulsion and termination of the rental contract.

IV. House Rules.

Article 14. Smokers

This establishment is a “smoke-free space” so smoking is prohibited throughout the building, extending the smoke-free area to all apartments.

Smoking is only allowed in the outdoor areas of the hotel. All apartments and common areas are equipped with smoke detectors.

If a client smokes in the apartment or in a common area, they may be prevented from staying, reported and/or damaged.

Article 15. Animal access.

In accordance with a favorable resolution granted by the Fuengirola City Council on 12/05/2023, the access and/or stay of people accompanied by pets is prohibited, with the exception of people accompanied by guide dogs.

In any case, the person who introduces an animal will be jointly responsible for all deterioration, damage or breakage that the animals cause to the things, goods and/or facilities of the hotel and/or other clients.

Article 16. Forgotten objects.

Objects found in the apartments or other common areas once the stay has ended will be kept safe for a maximum period of 6 months from the date of departure.

In the same way, belongings will be processed in the event of eviction and/or expulsion from the establishment due to non-payment or non-compliance with the rules contained in this regulation.

After this period, the establishment will be able to freely dispose of unclaimed belongings.

If claimed, the objects will be available to the client for collection at the reception after proof of identity or for shipment after payment of the transport price on their part.

Article 17. Rules of use

Silence: From 00:00 hrs it is mandatory to maintain due silence in the corridors and apartments in order not to disturb the rest of other users. These hours may be extended in high season, with the closing time of the main bar governing this rule.

Likewise, it is requested that if electronic devices are used in any common area, they be done at minimum volume or in silent mode to respect the rest of the clients.

Taking images: It is prohibited to take photographs or videos in which other clients appear, much less if they are minors, people in swimsuits or people with disabilities.

Likewise, it is prohibited to take photographs or videos of the establishment's staff in the exercise of their duties, except with express consent.

Any unauthorized use or publication of the image of a client or staff may constitute a crime. Elevators: Minors are not allowed to use elevators without being accompanied by a responsible adult.

Clothing: It is not allowed to wander around the spaces and common areas without shoes, wet or with a bare torso.

Security cameras: In order to guarantee the security, privacy and tranquility of the clients of this establishment, permanent recording devices are available in gardens, hallways and common areas and whose images may be made available to the authorities in legally required cases. planned.

V. Claims.

This establishment has a book of complaints and claims sheets available to customers who request it.

Submitting a claim does not exempt you from payment obligations.

SAW. Privacy policy and data management.

In order to comply with legal obligations, Castle Beach SL will process the personal data of its clients in an automated manner and undertakes to comply with current legislation regarding automated data processing.

You can consult detailed and complete information on data protection at

VII. Security.

All the facilities and services of our establishment are equipped with measures that promote or guarantee security at all times.

However, if you consider that the use of any facility or service may pose any risk to your health or physical integrity, we strongly request that you contact the reception and inform and dissipate any question that may have arisen in this regard.

In any case, if you have doubts that the use of any facility or service may pose risks to your health or physical integrity, opt for another service or facility.

The client has at their disposal instructions for action in case of emergency, as well as signage of evacuation routes and fire-fighting means. In case of emergency, you must follow the additional instructions given by the establishment's staff.

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